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Flo-chart offers a variety of services to meet your information and technology management needs.

Our information management solutions can help you with planning and analysis to streamline your business functions. We can also provide you with full service IT services.

Flo-Chart is large enough to provide the sophisticated IT services you'd expect from a large "Mega Outsourcer", but small enough to provide the cost-effectiveness, flexibility and personal attention you need.

We integrate our services as an extension of your IT organization in order to do the things you don't have time, money, expertise, or desire to take on. We completely customize our IT services to meet your exact requirements, and we have a proven ability to work well with internal IT organizations to deliver the exact level of support you require:
• Remote Management
• Data Center Management
• Disaster Recovery
• IT Consulting Services

Using our advanced management & monitoring environment, we can remotely perform 99% of the functions an engineer can provide onsite, except for those few activities that require a human being to physically touch the equipment. In those cases, we utilize our client's staff to assist us, or send an engineer as needed.

Flo-Chart provides remote management and on-site service of your IT (information technology) infrastructure. For a fixed monthly fee, Flo-Chart can become your outsourced IT department to prevent problems before they occurr and greatly reduce system downtime.
• File server(s)
• Accounting serer(s)
• Internet connectivity
• Communications infrastructure
• Desktop workstations.
• On-site or remote data backup services
• Web hosting

One-call-does-it-all. We'll tailor our services for your needs and support what you have, all in one customized support package.
• Consult and make recommendations as you grow
• No need to deal with a multitude of hardware and software suppliers
• No need to hire a separate consultant or employee to support it

Already have in-house IT? We can help:
• Short term projects
• "Backup" your support staff (or support person)
• Training on new technologies or new security needs